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Graduating Sophomores!
Congratulations on this historic step in your lives. Your time at CCC is drawing to a close, but the college by no means wants to lose track of you and to be a part of the step in your futures.
We ask that you stop by the Multi-Complex Building (fitness center, nurses office) and see Mr. Emmanuel Lackey our Director of the CCC Foundation and Alumni Affairs and sign-up for your free one-year Alumni Membership.
Come by today and sign-up! 
Congratulations again Sophomores!!

Refund Information


Not all students receive financial aid disbursements, but if you are awarded more aid than your total balance at Coahoma, you will receive a refund. When you have remaining aid after your financial aid has been applied to your total balance, you may use what is left in the CCC bookstore. Any aid remaining after purchasing your textbooks will be disbursed back to you according to the disbursement schedule below.


Summer 2016 Disbursement Schedule

1. June 18, 2016 (1st Summer Session)
2. July 8, 2016 (Online Students)
3. July 16, 2016 (2nd Summer Session)

SAP Appeal Procedures


The appeal procedure is a process by which a student who is not meeting satisfactory academic  progress (SAP) standards petitions the school for reconsideration of his eligibility for federal student aid funds. 

 1. Appeals are made through the Office of Academic Affairs. 

 2. Student must complete the official Appeal Form. An explanation and or documentation must be provided by the student regarding the reasons the student failed to make satisfactory academic progress. Also, an explanation or documentation must be provided as to what has changed in the student’s situation that would afford the student to meet satisfactory academic progress in future terms or semesters.  Coahoma Community College 2013-2015 College Catalog pg. 37     

 3. A hearing will be scheduled by the Office of Academic Affairs. 

 4. The Academic Financial Aid Committee will convene to hear appeals. 

 5. The Academic Financial Aid Committee will provide student with written notification of the committee’s decision.




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